In an ideal world all businesses would have their own dedicated Human Resources Function. However this is not always feasible, especially for small to medium businesses.
An alternative is to outsource.
Outsourcing can be a more cost effective option in that you are only paying for what you need. It can also be a more efficient option in that a HR Specialist is brought into the business to specifically focus on a HR requirement(s) allowing your existing employees to continue doing what they are employed to do and what they do best!
Outsourced HR’s areas of specialisation include:

HR Strategy - An effective Human Resource Function needs to be aligned with and support the overall business strategy as well as improving the performance of your most valuable resource – your people. Do you have a HR Strategy that focuses on delivering the overall business strategy? 

Industrial Relations/Employee Relations - The IR/ER landscape constantly changes and businesses need to continually understand the requirements and/or impacts of these legislative changes. Outsourced HR can assist businesses in the negotiation of Enterprise Agreements; the interpretation of Awards; and in resolving problems that can occur when dealing with Individuals and/or Unions. 

Performance Planning - Establishing a regular schedule of performance planning, coaching and appraisals for employees that clearly identify objectives and expectations as well as building individual capability and aligning employees with the overall business strategy. 

Performance Management - Addressing performance and/or behavioural issues of employees in a fair and objective manner. 

Workplace Investigations - Undertaking independent and unbiased investigations into allegations of inappropriate workplace conduct/behaviour.  

Remuneration & Benefits - It is often difficult to know what is a suitable remuneration package for your employees – considering the skill requirements, industry, market conditions, etc. Outsourced HR can undertake an independent and objective job evaluation to determine the most suitable remuneration package. Insights as to what really motivates your employees can also be provided and then appropriate programs designed aimed at maintaining and/or increasing their motivation within the workplace. 

HR Policies & Procedures - Managing the HR administrative duties can be time consuming! Outsourced HR can tailor easy to understand policies and/or procedures for your business that provide clear expectations and requirement of employees within the workplace. 

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